poe resistance overcap

This is used to help open Shaper’s Realm to take on Shaper. You can over-cap resistances using passives and gear: 1. 1 Mechanics 1.1 Efficacy of resistance penetration versus resistances 2 Sources of resistance penetration 2.1 Skill gems 2.2 Items 2.2.1 Base types 2.2.2 Unique items 2.2.3 Other items 3 Passive skills 3.1 Generic damage penetration 3.2 Damage penetration with weapons … Hence it can be useful to take those nodes until you have your lategame gear. Flammability might normally reduce fire resistance by 30%, but if a target has 110% fire resistance (reduced to 75% by cap), 30% resistance reduction makes it 80% fire resistance, which means it's still 75%. Grim Dawn. I'm playing Hardcore mode and every time I've been close to dying it's been because of a lack of resistance. Eye of the Innocence – An amulet provides fire leech. Posted by Zakaluka on Aug 24, 2012, 12:22:13 AM. How much should you overcap each resistance in ultimate. Yes, with optimal gear you don't need Elemental Resistance nodes but chances are that you don't have that gear (yet). Resistance penetration is a property of hits that reduces the target's effective resistance to specific damage types. Penetration, on the other hand, applies after the cap is applied. Personally I disagree with point 1. It's why players go over the 75% cap, it negates reductions. The first percentage value is your active resistance value, and the second percentage value in the parenthesis is your uncapped resistance. Useful for some fire based builds. Fragment of the Phoenix – This is a guaranteed drop upon Phoenixes death. Active resistance is the total resistance of that type that you have from items and/or passives up to the default cap value of 75%. Let a man walk alone - Let him commit no sin. OTypical November 13, 2019, 12:22am #1. This means that while you may have 150% Fire Resistance, only 75% will be applied to damage reductions from Fire spells. If your character were to be cursed to have reduced Fire resistance, however, this excess Resistance would also act as a buffer so that you do not fall below Resistance cap. I used to go by this philosophy too, but "datamining" seems to show that all the tough enemies (aka Map Bosses, including Shaper & Guardians) all have about 30-40% base resistance, which makes overcap practically non-existent on hard enemies (pretty much the only source of bonus resistance they'll get is from the map mod +40%), and thanks to Rare Monsters not getting indexed for … By helping kraityn you probably just invested 8 points to overcap all resists. Diamond Skin = 2% over-cap on Fire/Cold/Lightning Hey all, just wanted to know now what's the baseline resistance overcap you should achieve. PoE Tools. Alpha Member. Quote this Post. Drops and Rewards. I know that prior to Fall of Oriath you needed to have ~150% in all ele resists IN HIDEOUT to be able to do all tier maps without your resist going below 75 under any circumstance (ele weakness, ele curse, etc), just wanted to know if there's a new value. Gameplay Discussion. Make sure to overcap fire resistance at 85%. From what I can tell with POE builder, in Merciless (granted in any difficulty level but I'm more interested in end-game play), a character can have a soft-cap resistance of 75%. So in the end if you want to be on the safe side, if doable or not :) , but at least in theory you would need to to aim for "your current cap" + overcap, in the example of 2) we would be therefor at 130% resistance, wherby only 81% at all times would take effect, keeping the max Elemental damage at 19%. I’m getting my first character to endgame and have heard about the importance of overcaps, but I don’t know how much I should aim for in each type. Resistance for each Element is capped at 75%. Let him bear few wishes, Like an elephant in the forest. Elemental Adaptation = 2% over-cap on Fire/Cold/Lightning 2.

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