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Jack studies Blackbeard's collection of shrunken ships in bottles. Some people even believed that Jack was dead and buried in an unmarked grave on the island of Saint Martin.[9]. Henry grabbed his sword and sent it crashing down on the Trident, breaking it in half, and breaking all the curses of the sea while making Salazar and his men mortal again. Prior to the quest for the Fountain of Youth, Jack dropped his old waistcoat off, possibly because he couldn't take the stench of it, and acquired a new silk dark blue waistcoat with a gold/champagne filigree pattern. To stand together, the Pirate Lords of the Brethren Court are called upon to convene at Shipwreck Cove, their only hope to defeat Beckett, who has now taken over the seas. In his cell, Jack devised an escape plan by making a dummy and preparing to attack a guard for his sword. Beckett at first thinks about confiscating Jack's compass to find the Brethren, but Jack Sparrow warns him that the compass points to his most desired thing, and since Beckett's desire is to see Jack dead, all the compass would point to is Jack Sparrow himself. The Sword in the Stone: Arthur • Archimedes • Merlin • Madam Mim • Sugar Bowl Teague rescues James and his father chastises him about being saved by a pirate. He is a heroic and intelligent man as well as the captain of the Black Pearl and one of the nine Pirate Lords. Salazar's ship finally catches up to the tiny boat Henry and Jack are on, and Salazar sets his ghost sharks after them. As he went to pick up his sword, Jack found himself in the Fountain of Youth. Jack then came up with an idea. Captain: Jack SparrowBlack PearlCotton – Cotton's Parrot – Joshamee Gibbs – Jack the Monkey – Lejon – Marty – William Turner Jr. Captain: Jack SparrowBlack PearlCotton – Cotton's Parrot – Crippled man – James Norrington – Joshamee Gibbs – Irish man – Jack the Monkey – Lejon – Marty – Elizabeth Swann – Skinny man – Sweepy – Very old man – William Turner Jr. Captain: Hector BarbossaHai PengCotton – Cotton's Parrot – Tia Dalma – Joshamee Gibbs – Tai Huang – Jack the MonkeyMarty – Pintel – Ragetti – Elizabeth Swann – Will Turner, Captains: Jack Sparrow / Hector BarbossaBlack PearlCotton – Cotton's Parrot – Tia Dalma – Joshamee Gibbs – Tai Huang – Jack the MonkeyMarty – Pintel – Ragetti – Elizabeth Swann – Will Turner, Captain: Hector BarbossaBlack PearlCotton – Cotton's Parrot – Jack the Monkey – Marty – Mullroy – Murtogg – Pintel – Ragetti, Captain: Jack SparrowDying GullBollard – Cremble – Joshamee Gibbs – Marty – Pike – Scrum, Captain: Joshamee GibbsDying GullBollard – Cremble – Marty – Pike – Scrum, Captain: Jack SparrowDying GullBollard – Cremble – Joshamee Gibbs – Marty – Pike – Scrum – Carina Smyth – Henry Turner, Captains: Jack Sparrow / Hector BarbossaBlack PearlBollard – Cremble – Joshamee Gibbs – Jack the Monkey – Marty – Mullroy – Murtogg – Pike – Scrum – Carina Smyth – Henry Turner, Captain: BlackbeardQueen Anne's RevengeAngelicaZombie Officers: Gunner – Master-at-Arms – Quartermaster – Yeoman, Captain: BlackbeardQueen Anne's RevengeAngelica – Cabin Boy – Cook – Derrick – Ezekiel – GarhengPurser – Salaman – Jack Sparrow – Scrum – Philip SwiftZombie Officers: Gunner – Master-at-Arms – Quartermaster – Yeoman, Captain: Hector BarbossaQueen Anne's Revenge Cabin Boy – Ezekiel – Garheng – Salaman – Scrum, First Court Drawing his sword, Jack faces the Kraken as he and the Pearl are dragged down to Davy Jones's Locker. Jack rowed away in his longboat as Angelica was simply left to curse at him. After telling the crew about Davy Jones and his action of locking his heart in the Dead Man's Chest, Tia Dalma discovered that Jack had the Black Spot. In their conversation, Angelica reveals to Jack that she conned Blackbeard into believing that she was his long lost daughter. Angelica was pulled by one of the mermaids' seaweed ropes, leaving Jack Sparrow to save her. Prior to the quest for the Trident of Poseidon, Jack obtained a plug bayonet that he kept tucked away in his sash on his left side, though it has never been seen in use. Their final negotiations were cut short through Barbossa and Feng's agreeing upon a common enemy, resulting in the Pearl's attack on the Endeavour. While he was waiting for the King, he tried to grab a cream puff from the table. After escaping the prison, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner planned to commandeer the Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Dauntless, in order to commandeer Norrington's faster ship, the Interceptor. Mickey's Christmas Carol: Bob Cratchit Mickey • Ghost of Jacob Marley • Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck Her black sails were no longer tattered and her sides gleamed in the bright sun. Down on his luck, Jack is later captured by the British Guards and imprisoned in Saint Martin's prison. The flintlock pistol had its own notability; the handle was filigreed with silver for a decorative effect and the butt end could just as easily be used as a club. But instead, Jack sneaked into the fort and freed Will and Elizabeth. When Kerman princess Amenirdis gave him a golden ring, he worriedly asked her if that meant that they were married. Later, Jack had Scrum play a romantic tone on the mandola as Angelica arrived on deck. Dumbo: Dumbo Jones chased the pearl at first firing at it but the Pearl soon outran the Flying Dutchman. By Jack's later life, his hair is adorned with all manner of beads and trinkets gathered from his travels and adventures all over the world, each one having a story that reminded him of a previous adventure. Jack was soon after the Dead Man's Chest, to settle his debt with the fearsome Davy Jones, which ended with him being taken to Davy Jones' Locker by the Kraken. The story ends with Sora, Will, and Elizabeth commenting on Jack being the best pirate in the Spanish Main, as well as the whole ocean. Jack refused all those claims, believing them to be lies. Robert Greene, a young pirate onboard La Vipère, jumped into the sea and joined Jack in the boat. Jack jabbed one barrel, from which wine sprayed out, and he gulped hungrily from it. He became friends with the infamous pirate Jolly Roger, who often performed unsavory deeds for the Brethren Court, in the hope of achieving a position among them. Jack's conditions were for Blackbeard to bring no harm to Angelica, the return of Jack's compass and the freedom of Gibbs. After their relationship didn't work out, Jack seemingly owed a debt to Angelica after breaking her heart, which he repaid by saving her life at the Fountain of Youth. Before they could finalize their deal, the Black Pearl attacks the Endeavour; Feng agreed to help Barbossa in exchange for Elizabeth. In a gallant attempt to rescue Elizabeth, the duo sailed the Interceptor to Tortuga, where they recruited a ragtag crew with the help of Joshamee Gibbs. They managed to enlist a total of four mariners before a bar brawl broke out, started by the disgraced former Commodore, James Norrington. The fire from the explosion scared off the mermaids further, who Jack viewed swimming away whilst underwater. Despite Angelica being a novice in a Spanish convent, which Jack said he mistook it for a brothel, Sparrow would seduce her and then dumped her. [43] Jack later replaced the Kraken tooth with another trinket that had finger bones with a Chinese luck coin tied to some copper wire around one, and a barrel bead around the other, a red bead, and one of Jack's gold teeth at the bottom, which he lost after swallowing it, embedded with a black pearl.[42]. Pirate LordsFirst Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean "Jack Sparrow" is a song by American comedy troupe The Lonely Island featuring singer-songwriter Michael Bolton. Performance model Then it was revealed that none of the crews' pistols would work due to the wet powder of just passing through the sea. Jack and Barbossa were forced to grudgingly cooperate, and made for the nearest island to find fresh water. Finding Nemo/Finding Dory: Nemo • Dory • Hank • Crush • Bruce • Baby Dory • Destiny • Bailey • Pearl However, before the treasure was found, the crew mutinied that night. The three fought for the key to their own goals, but Jones' crew also fought Elizabeth, Pintel, and Ragetti. Jack was the only member of the crew not to be affected by the curse, since he had already been abandoned by the hands of Barbossa. In the story's epilogue, Jack gets a new boat, which is only large enough for one or two people, and sets sail for a new treasure.[11]. In Davy Jones' Locker, Jack Sparrow has been hallucinating an entire crew of himself, before attempting to drag the Black Pearl, now stuck on a seemingly endless desert. Jack tries to convince Blackbeard to let Angelica drink from the one with the tear, to save her, but Blackbeard drinks the Chalice instead and requests his daughter to sacrifice herself; Angelica agrees and drinks. In this respect, Jack's compass can also be seen as a effectively moral compass, and even Jack uses it as such when abandoning his crew to the fate of the Kraken. They became cursed men, where in the moonlight, they were shown for what they really are: walking neither alive nor dead, and unable to live as normal men. After the defeat of Xemnas, Will and Elizabeth are shown on the Black Pearl. Heading the expedition is Jack's old nemesis, Captain Hector Barbossa, now a privateer in service to the Royal Navy after losing his leg and the Black Pearl. Barbossa threatens Jack as he takes the Pearl. A red bandanna is always wrapped around his head, complemented by his piece of eight (a small, ancient Siamese coin woven into Moroccan beads) draped over his forehead. By the time the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman face off in battle around a massive maelstrom, created by Calypso, Jack remained in the Dutchman's brig until he set himself free by doing what Will did to free him from Fort Charles prison long ago. [9] His further fate is unknown. As they climbed up the rigging, Jack and Salaman climb to Philip's position. To Jack's dismay, Will reveals he is Bootstrap Bill's son and demands that Elizabeth and the crew be freed. Jack knew that the only way to save his old friend and defeat opponent would be to allow him to stab the heart, thus ensuring Will immortality, though at the cost of Jack's own chance at the same. After Tia Dalma met with Davy Jones and Chantico, while surprising Jack and Fitzwilliam by bowing to her, Jack noticed a pirate ship in the distance and panics. Jack tied and gagged the real Judge and put him in a closet, after which Jack resumed as disguising himself as the Judge of Gibbs' trial. But by doing this, he broke the Pirate Code, making himself an outlaw in the eyes of the Brethren. However, Jack revealed that he may have switched the cups. He demanded Jack's debt be paid, but Jack tried to convince Jones otherwise, because of Barbossa's mutiny that happened two years after becoming captain of the Pearl. Jack made it back to the Black Pearl, which launched for the open water, safe in the knowledge that he was now in possession of the heart of Davy Jones.[4]. Obtained in a barter from Tia Dalma, Jack's compass does not point north, but rather towards the thing that the person holding the compass wants most. A Goofy Movie: Max • Vacation Goofy • Powerline, Darkwing Duck: Darkwing Duck As a "wedding gift", he dispatches Kelly by shooting him in the leg as the latter and his men run away which saves Jack from the forced marriage, much to his joy.[9]. Jack then plummeted down into a carriage that was driving along the road, landing in a noblewoman's lap, causing her to shriek in horror. Jack also revealed to the crewmen that their true destination was towards the Fountain of Youth. At some point, Jack Sparrow became one of the nine Pirate Lords, his domain being the Caribbean Sea. After the Shadow Gold adventures, the treasure of Cortés would again play a part in Jack's pirate life, as he and the crew of the Black Pearl embarked upon a quest to find a cache of Aztec gold stashed by Cortés. Right at that moment, Elizabeth shows her love for Will before Sparrow escapes by falling off into the Port Royal harbor. With having the route to the Fountain of Youth memorized, Jack Sparrow searches through the jungles to find the cave entrance to the Fountain. Victory was denied, however, when Jack stumbled backwards into a shaft of moonlight, transforming into a skeleton before Barbossa's shocked eyes. Climbing aboard the Black Pearl, Jack's crew are confronted by the Flying Dutchman. Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow • Will Turner • Elizabeth Swann • Joshamee Gibbs • Tia Dalma • James Norrington • Marty • Cotton • Bootstrap Bill Turner • Pintel • Ragetti • Angelica • Blackbeard • Prison Dog Jack promised that Barbossa would have the chance to defeat Blackbeard, before improvising escape. Before they transverse the area, Jack told Barbossa of his daughter's occupation as they set off. Will later threw this back at him when he asked how Will escaped from the Flying Dutchman. However, they only discovered that there was nothing inside, except for two stones instead of the two Chalices. Jack carefully throws the watch so that it wraps around Sam's wrist as the watch starts chiming. But Jolly Roger also wanted Jack's position, and he invited him to a game of poker. Pirate LordsChing – Boris Palachnik – Rafael – Edward Teague – Eduardo Villanueva Beckett suspects that one of his house slaves, a girl named Ayisha, is from Zerzura. With no choice left, Captain Jack Sparrow could only place his hat - which was previously lost - once more atop his head and said: "Hello beastie". [6], At some point during the journey, the Interceptor encountered the British merchant vessel Earl King, captained by McGlue. That ring had the ability to summon Amenirdis when Jack sailed near her island, Kerma. Lord Carteret asked Jack if he was "Jack Sparrow", which Jack responded that the word "Captain" was missing in that statement. Angelica realized that Jack had brought them there. [9], As he and Henry ran off in the jungle, Jack poked fun at Henry's feelings for Carina but was dismayed to learn the island they were on was Hangman's Bay. Everyone agreed to this plan, at least until Barbossa mentioned that the Code specifically mentioned that only the Pirate King can declare war. [10] Jack grew up in a tumultuous household full of outlaws at Shipwreck Cove. To bribe Jack, Angelica shows him a cabinet that has shrunken ships in bottles, including the Black Pearl. Disneyland has a mural of Jack Sparrow in the queue for the ride alongside murals of historic pirates. Likes Sparrow initially believed them to be mere hallucinations, and greeted them with mockery but was swayed when Elizabeth appeared and told him they are real, as he becomes surprised perhaps recalling the foul memory of his death, or maybe just recalling her kiss. As well as five rings, Jack also wore a shredded wristband on his right wrist, as well as a leather palm glove most likely used for handling weapons, specifically his sword. However, Jack's tales bought the duo enough time for Elizabeth Swann to arrive and rescue them. Jack and Angelica then dance beneath the moon on the swaying deck of Queen Anne's Revenge. At that moment, Gibbs sighted land: Isla Cruces, and the end of Jack's quest.[4]. Puzzled at first, after listening to his shoulder angel and devil debate his future (ironically they look just like Jack) he figured out the meaning, and coerced his crew into rocking the ship back and forth. The next day, Blackbeard's crew went on a jungle trek, where Blackbeard sends Jack to retrieve the Chalices from Ponce de León's ship, the Santiago. Kelly declared Jack would repay him by marrying his sister, which Jack was terrified of since she had an unappealing appearance and children. Henry tells the surprised and worried Jack that he now needed the trident to defeat them. Jack would convey to Gibbs that he had feelings for Angelica before leaving her, Gibbs told Jack, even for him, that was low. Jack then knew that Blackbeard was serious and was forced to either jump or choose again. However, the pirates slipped away, unnoticed, and boarded the Interceptor. (Disneyland version), Captain JackCaptain SparrowMr. But a three-way sword fight breaks out between Jack, Will, and Norrington. Jack Sparrow was noted for his unusual demeanor, characterized by a slightly drunken stagger and wild, flailing arm and hand gestures that made him appear unfocused and possibly ataxic. While looking for fresh water, the crew of the Black Pearl is ambushed by Sao Feng's men. Jack was shocked when Barbossa let go of the anchor and grasped the sword and allowed himself to fall. As the undead captain prepared to kill him, Jack spotted the Black rock island where the Trident was and with Salazar momentarily distracted, Jack used it as a way to escape back to his ship. After talking a while, Henry requested Jack's help in freeing his father by locating the Trident of Poseidon but Jack was uninterested even falling asleep but Henry caught his attention by mentioning Salazar was resurrected and coming for him. Through unknown circumstances, Jack spent time with Anamaria before leaving her, in which he stole her boat, the Jolly Mon—or, as the pirate himself put it, "borrowed without permission, but with every intention of bringing it back". Jack then went to Angelica and Blackbeard to perform the Profane Ritual. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Jack used the coffin as a makeshift boat to return to the Black Pearl, where he informed his crew of his new venture. Salazar exit from Henry's body and try to kill Jack with the Trident but Jack with the help of Henry break the Trident breaking all curses of the sea making Salazar and his crew back to humans and mortals. She then revealed where to find Jones' ship the Flying Dutchman. During their escape from Shipwreck Island, Christophe's rogues kidnapped Jack, taking him with them. The two head off into the sunset, determined to continue living a pirate's life. This causes a nearby dog to bark at Jack only for the pooped pirate to try and shut the dog up as he studies the map, oblivious to Jack Sparrow's presence. Thus, Jack could not bring himself to fire his pistol on anyone else; although he drew his pistol on Will Turner in order to end a duel between them, he did not use his shot, and was thus captured by the Royal Navy. Jack and Gibbs assembled a new crew and obtained a new ship, an old sloop called the Dying Gull. As experienced by many of the authorities, from officers of the British Royal Navy to even the King's Royal Guard, Jack Sparrow was a pirate who made many daring escapes. The King was accompanied by Prime Minister Henry Pelham and Lord John Carteret. Jack responded by reassuring Angelica that it was a dream, but after she heard some of the fighting on deck, she kicked him away. Hercules: Hercules • Meg • Pegasus • Hades • Phil • Zeus At first, Jack held his ground before Jones revealed that he held the Key to the Dead Man's Chest. The characterization of Sparrow is based on a combination of The Rolling Stones' guitarist Keith Richards and Looney Tunes cartoon character Pepé Le Pew. As they later walked on the beach of the island during a Caribbean sunset, Gibbs asked Jack why he didn't choose to use the Fountain of Youth, even though he had all the items, saying that he could've lived forever. As Scrum began playing the mandola more vigorously, Jack and Angelica danced on the deck of the Revenge. [6] Jack then told his former first mate a story about how he sacked Nassau without firing a single shot, and Barbossa declared the story a lovely yarn, but he didn't believe a word of it. Marvel Icons: Daredevil • Doctor Strange • Ghost Rider • Ms. Marvel • Thanos, The Lion King: Simba • Nala • Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed • Ostrich • Grub • Zazu • Rafiki • Timon • Pumbaa • Mufasa • Scar Sparrow won, through a mixture of skill and pirate trickery, but Turner refused to stand down. In his search, Jack was able to find the island where the Fountain was located, and had been close as reaching the cave entrance to the Fountain itself. Legend has it that she was the only woman Jack ever truly loved, but there have been occasions where she tried to kill him. Almost immediately, a rivalry formed between Jack and Barbossa with both claiming to be the rightful captain of the Black Pearl. Furious at being disobeyed, Cutler Beckett sent five EITC ships after Jack, and when he finally caught him, had Jack thrown into prison. Shortly before the fighting started, not wanting Angelica to be in the middle of the oncoming battle, Jack went to Angelica's cabin to make sure she was safe. Both the Pearl and the Dutchman sail to the Endeavour and, by Jack's order, fired a full broadside, which ended with Beckett's death. Jack requested for his confiscated magical compass and Gibbs' release; in turn, Jack will give Blackbeard the Chalices. Jack and Gibbs while arriving to Shipwreck Island. Upon arrival at Isla Cruces, Jack set about tracking down the Dead Man's Chest, using Elizabeth as his guide. [21] He picked up the cannibals' language which he again used during his second visit to their village to escape the Kraken. However, he was accosted by Davy Jones and his crew during his escape, thereby forcing Sparrow to "fly" up into the Flying Dutchman's rigging but Jones teleported to his location. Opening the doors, Jack and Gibbs are captured by the Royal Guards; the driver was again paid off. Holding Davy Jones' heart, Jack reveals his intention to stab the heart, but Jones mortally wounds Will. By the time the guards had gotten there, Jack had hidden behind one of the banners hanging between the buildings. Holding aloft the medallion he had taken, Jack grinned triumphantly at his nemesis, and began the duel anew. Alignment Pocahontas: Pocahontas • John Smith • Meeko • Flit • Percy Even while escaping a Port Royal Prison, Jack would not leave without first gathering his effects, much to the consternation of Will Turner. Pirate LordsAmmand – Sumbhajee Angria – Hector Barbossa – Chevalle – ChingSao Feng – Jocard – Jack Sparrow – Elizabeth Swann – Eduardo Villanueva That's when Davy Jones called upon the Kraken once more, which began its assault on the Black Pearl. Among the members was Elizabeth, now a Pirate Lord because of Sao Feng's death, who revealed Beckett and the Flying Dutchman were on their way. Kapitan Jack Sparrow – Jeden z tytułowych bohaterów serii Piraci z Karaibów. The wily sailor's skillful negotiations with the pirate captain—who turns out to be a woman from his past—result in a favorable outcome that puts Jack in line for an official promotion. Jack confronts Angelica belowdeck of the Revenge. One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Cruella De Vil • Perdita However, Jack deflected some of the blame onto Will's shoulders, and then fled through the graveyard with the key. Further evidence of his morality was when he refused to transport slaves for the East India Trading Company, and when his extensive criminal record was read during his attempted executions at Port Royal and Fort Alvo Grande, it included no reference to crimes such as rape or murder. But the heroes managed to overcome the odds and returned to the island and rescued Will.

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