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Filming took place from March to June 2007, primarily in California to differentiate the film from numerous other superhero stories that are set in New York City-esque environments. "[62], Additional casting for the film occurred over the next few months: Terrence Howard was announced in the role of Stark's best friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes in October 2006;[63] Gwyneth Paltrow was cast as love interest Virginia "Pepper" Potts in January 2007;[64] and Jeff Bridges was cast in an undisclosed role in February. Guy Pearce also starred as Aldrich Killian, and Ben Kingsley as Trevor Slattery. When the film did have a script, even the requests for rewrites met with many refusals. [102], The film was released by Paramount Home Media Distribution on DVD and Blu-ray Disc on September 30, 2008, in the United States and Canada, and October 27, 2008 in Europe. | [29] Ghostface Killah had a cameo in a scene where Stark briefly stays in Dubai, but the scene was cut from the theatrical release for pacing reasons. After this, Hayter was hired in 2004 to write a script. [104][105] There were a total of 9 million copies sold and an accumulated total sales of over $160 million (not including Blu-ray). [87] A soundtrack featuring Djawadi's score was released by Lions Gate Records on April 29, 2008. [59] Favreau chose Downey, a fan of the comic,[6] because he felt the actor's past made him an appropriate choice for the part, explaining "The best and worst moments of Robert's life have been in the public eye. Le Voyage du Dr Dolittle est un film réalisé par Stephen Gaghan avec Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas. It included a new science-fiction origin for the character, and featured MODOK as the villain. It grossed $35.2 million on its first day, giving it the thirteenth biggest-opening day at the time. Directed by Brett Leonard, it stars Matthew Le Nevez, Rachael Taylor, and Jack Thompson, with Conan Stevens portraying the title character. Rubber and metal versions of the armor, created by Stan Winston's company, were mixed with computer-generated imagery to create the title character. Director Nick Fury visits Stark at home, telling him that Iron Man is not "the only superhero in the world", and explaining that he wants to discuss the "Avenger Initiative". [52] He changed the Vietnam War origin of the character to Afghanistan, as he did not want to do a period piece. [67] Favreau also wanted Iron Man to face a giant enemy. [5], In its opening weekend, Iron Man grossed $98.6 million in 4,105 theaters in the United States and Canada, ranking first at the box office,[110] giving it the eleventh biggest-opening weekend at the time,[111] ninth-widest release in terms of theaters,[112] and the third highest-grossing opening weekend of 2008 behind Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Dark Knight. IRON MAN 2, Stark's alcoholism, Empire Strikes Back and THE AVENGERS! Release year: 2017. [100] Iron Man was the first film released in Phase One of the MCU. Marvel's Iron Fist: Season 1 (Recap) Episodes Marvel's Iron Fist. The fight carries Stark and Stane to the top of the Stark Industries building, and Stark instructs Potts to overload the large arc reactor powering the building. [88], In July 2006, with the film still in pre-production, Favreau and Arad attended San Diego Comic-Con to promote the film, where the film's armor design, drawn by Adi Granov, was revealed along with the announcement that the Mandarin was intended to be the antagonist of the film. [30] It was Downey's idea to have Stark hold a news conference on the floor,[12] and he created the speech Stark makes when demonstrating the Jericho weapon. [56], Favreau planned to cast a newcomer in the title role, as "those movies don't require an expensive star; Iron Man's the star, the superhero is the star. Free shipping. ", "Of Superheroes and Predators: John Debney Returns to Sci-Fi", "Ramin Djawadi on Game of Thrones, Iron Man, Pacific Rim", "Iron Man Theme by John O'Brien and Rick Boston", "Iron Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)", "Jon Favreau Shares Five Years of Comic-Con Memories", "Tie-ins: LG, BK, 7-Eleven To Pump Paramount's Iron Man", "Hasbro Previews G.I. [108] It was released by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on April 2, 2013. [17] A scale model was used for the shots of it being built. He gets real with it – you'd think you were watching a military thriller",[127] while conversely, David Denby of The New Yorker gave a negative review, claiming "a slightly depressed, going-through-the-motions feel to the entire show ... Gwyneth Paltrow, widening her eyes and palpitating, can't do much with an antique role as Stark's girl Friday, who loves him but can't say so; Terrence Howard, playing a military man who chases around after Stark, looks dispirited and taken for granted". (uncredited), House wife at Award Ceremony See the full list of Iron Man 3 cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Iron Man is a 2008 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. [17] Favreau rejected the East Coast setting of the comic books because many superhero films had already been set there. [30] Iron Man comic book artist Adi Granov designed the Mark III with illustrator Phil Saunders. Hot Toys Iron Man 2 - Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV 1/6th Scale Action Figure. He also sought Downey's advice about makeshift objects in prison, such as a sock being used to make tea. [115] On June 18, 2008, Iron Man became that year's first film to pass the $300 million mark for the domestic box office. [55] He felt only in a sequel, with an altered tone, would the fantasy of the Mandarin's rings be appropriate. Nach dem Tod seines Vaters und Erreichen des Erwachsenenalters übernahm er die Leitung von dessen Unternehmen, Stark Industries, und wurde zu einem bekannten, risikofreudigen Playboy. [45] However, this deal ultimately fell through, and Iron Man's film rights returned to Marvel. [9] The director found the opportunity to create a politically ambitious "ultimate spy movie" in Iron Man, citing inspiration from Tom Clancy, James Bond, and RoboCop,[50] and compared his approach to an independent film—"[i]f Robert Altman had directed Superman"—and Batman Begins. [120], Among the major trade journals, Todd McCarthy of Variety called the film an "expansively entertaining special effects extravaganza" with "fresh energy and stylistic polish",[121] while Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter praised the film, while nonetheless finding "disappointment [in] a climatic [sic] battle between different Iron Man prototypes ... how did Tony's nemesis learn how to use the suit? ", "Empire: Interviews – Jon Favreau Video Interview", "Lying in the Gutters Volume 2 Column 156", "Sam Rockwell Confirms 'Iron Man 2' Role, Almost Played Tony Stark", "AICN Exclusive!! (uncredited), Waiter / The result is something that, whilst hardly original or groundbreaking, is nevertheless refreshing in its earnestness to avoid dark dramatic stylings in favor of an easy-going, crowd-pleasing action movie with a sprinkle of anti-war and redemption themes". Iron Man/Anthony „Tony“ Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) ist der Sohn des Industriellen Howard Stark, der am Manhattan-Projekt beteiligt war. Stark manages to get to his original reactor to replace it. [43][44] Hayter removed the Mandarin and instead chose to pit Iron Man against his father Howard Stark, who becomes War Machine. [80] He hired Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) to create the bulk of the visual effects for the film after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and Transformers. Jon Favreau was set to direct a commercial for the fast-food chain, as Michael Bay did for Transformers. The film was praised by critics for its acting (particularly Downey's), screenplay, direction, visual effects, and action sequences. ", "Iron Man: Official War Machine Concept Art", "May God Bless and Keep Robert Downey Jr", "What Jeff Bridges Learned From Difficulties on the 'Iron Man' Set", "Deleted Iron Man post-credits scene references Spider-Man, X-Men", "Vancouver's visual effects makers bulk up", "Quint visits ILM with Jon Favreau and sees some IRON MAN stuff!! [23] Director Jon Favreau plays Happy Hogan, Stark's bodyguard and chauffeur,[10] and Samuel L. Jackson makes a cameo appearance as Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., in a post-credits scene. [48], Jon Favreau was hired to direct the film in April 2006,[49] celebrating getting the job by going on a diet, losing 70 pounds (32 kg). In the film, following his escape from captivity by a terrorist group, world famous industrialist and master engineer Tony Stark builds a mechanized suit of armor and becomes the superhero Iron Man. After Favreau's previous collaborator John Debney was unavailable to score the film,[84] Djawadi sought out the role himself. Rockwell was interested, but Favreau changed his decision after the screen-test of Robert Downey, Jr. (Rockwell would later portray Justin Hammer in Iron Man 2 (2010)). (as Ricki Noel Lander), Self - USAF Helicopter Pilot It grossed over $585 million on its $140 million budget, becoming the eighth-highest grossing film of 2008. When he gets up, a second shell barely misses him. Besetzung und Stab von Iron Man, Regisseur: Jon Favreau. The next day, at a press conference, Stark defies suggestions from S.H.I.E.L.D. [12] By February 1996, 20th Century Fox had acquired the rights from Universal. Reasonator; PetScan; Scholia; Statistics; Search depicted; Subcategories. Stark dons his new armor and flies to Afghanistan, where he saves the villagers. After being rescued by Rhodes, Stark returns home and announces that his company will cease manufacturing weapons. [114] Iron Man was also the number one film in the U.S. and Canada in its second weekend, grossing $51.2 million,[110] giving it the twelfth-best second weekend and the fifth-best for a non-sequel. [85] Favreau had a clear vision of heavy metal music and guitars for the project,[85] saying that Tony Stark was more of a rock star than a traditional superhero. Art! The animatronic required five operators for the arm, and was built on a gimbal to simulate walking. A film featuring the character was in development at Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and New Line Cinema at various times since 1990, before Marvel Studios reacquired the rights in 2006. Personal assistant Pepper Potts places the original reactor inside a small glass showcase. "[122] In one of the first major-daily newspaper reviews, Frank Lovece of Newsday lauded the film's "emotional truth ... pitch-perfect casting and plausibly rendered super-science" that made it "faithful to the source material while updating it – and recognizing what's made that material so enduring isn't just the high-tech cool of a man in a metal suit, but the human condition that got him there". [73] The cave where Stark is imprisoned was a 150-to-200-yard (140–180 m) long set, which had movable forks in the caverns to allow greater freedom for the film's crew. He responds by shooting a mini-missile at the tank, destroying it. [17] Filming concluded on June 25, 2007, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. [113] Iron Man had the second-best premiere for a non-sequel, behind Spider-Man, and the fourth biggest-opening for a superhero film. | Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny. In his home workshop, Stark builds a sleeker, more powerful version of his improvised armor suit as well as a more powerful arc reactor for it and his chest. [89], Marvel and Paramount modeled their marketing campaign for Iron Man on that of Transformers. This unleashes a massive electrical surge that causes Stane and his armor to fall into the exploding reactor, killing him. He explained that the War Machine armor "was going to be called the Mark IV armor and would have had weaponized swap-out parts that would be worn over the original Mark III armor," and that it "would have been worn by Tony Stark in the final battle sequence. Iron Man is a 2008 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.Produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Paramount Pictures, it is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.It was directed by Jon Favreau from a screenplay by the writing teams of Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, and stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony … [61] While preparing for filming, Favreau and Downey were given a tour of SpaceX by Elon Musk. Some scenes were shot with two cameras to capture lines said on the spot. (voice) (uncredited), supervising art director (as David Klassen), makeup department head (as Deborah Lamia Denaver), assistant hair stylist: Las Vegas (uncredited), visual effects hair department head: New Deal Studios Inc. (uncredited), second second assistant director: second unit, second second assistant director (as Giselle Gurza-Junco), first assistant director (as Eric N. Heffron), additional first assistant director (as Mike Viglietta), additional second second assistant director (as Marvin J. Williams Jr.), assistant director: additional photography (uncredited), assistant propmaster: second unit (as Peter Clarke), construction/rigging medic (as Marie 'Ree' Nashold), assistant property master (as D. James Stubblefield), set decorating gang boss (as Benton Tedlie), sculptor gang boss (as Cuitlahuac Morales V.), boom operator: second unit / sound utility, supervising sound editor (as Frank Eulner), assistant supervising sound editor (as André Fenley), foley recordist (as Jessica Lemes Da Silva), Mag and Digital Transfer Engineer: Todd Hollywood, sound supervisor (uncredited) / sound: design (uncredited), special effects technician (as Benedict Adams), special effects technician (as Gregory J. Bryant), special effects foreman / special effects technician (as Eric P. Cook), special effects technician (as Michael D. Derry), special effects technician (as Bruce Donnellan), digital suit sculpting & design department: Stan Winston Studio, special effects technician (as Roderic Duff), special effects technician: Stan Winston Studio, mechanical department: Stan Winston Studio, special effects foreman (as Todd K. Jensen), model department: Stan Winston Studio (as Ed Lawton), special makeup effects: Stan Winston Studio, puppeteer / studio coordinator: Stan Winston Studio, physical suit effects supervisor (as Shane Patrick Mahan), key art department: Stan Winston Studio (as Michael Manzel), special effects crew (as Albert Marangoni), special effects technician (as David A. Marten), special effects technician (as William McGinley), special effects makeup: Stan Winston Studio, suit model department key coordinator: Stan Winston Studio (as Dave Merritt), special effects shop foreman (as Thomas Pahk), special effects technician (as Thomas E. Pelton III), key model maker: Stan Winston Studio (as Michael Possert), studio co-administrator: Stan Winston Studio, special effects technician (as Paul Sabourn), model department: Stan Winston Studio (as Nicholas Seldon), digital suit sculpting & design department: Stan Winston Studio (as Greg Smith), special effects coordinator (as Dan Sudick), second unit co-coordinator: Stan Winston Studio, under suit fabrication department: Stan Winston Studio (as Tamara Carlson-Woodard), special effects technician (as Leonal Zapien), special effects technician (as Richard M. Zarro), special effects technician (as Ron Zarro), special effects lab technician (uncredited), mold maker: Stan Winston Studio (uncredited), studio coordinator: Legacy Effects (uncredited), key mechanical designer: Stan Winston Studio (uncredited).

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