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We all ride on motorcycle with different wind protection level and we all have different speeds. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. This is all the information we will provide under overview. HJC HJC RPHA11 SUPERMAN DC COMICS MC21 Integralhelm RPHA11 SUPERMAN DC COMICS MC21 Integralhelm Statt CHF 542.03 Sonderangebot CHF 515.25 Exkl.
Impact zones - high speed tests. So, for their latest helmet, the HJC RPHA 70, to be selling for around the £400 mark, we’re expecting something pretty special. Therefore, vertical field of view should be considered as this is an important element. Helmet ships with clear face shield only. Thanks to the new HJC P.I.M-Plus shell construction, the HJC RPHA 70 helmet has a six-layer composite of reinforcing carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fibres. This is because we all have different hearing, riding style, motorcycle types. They are categorized as Micrometric or Double D Ring. Snell is a non-profit organization that was built in USA in the year of 1957. Please post a user review only if you have / had this product. HJC RPHA-70 has ECE REG 22.05 safety certificate.  Every helmet that passes Sharp test has this certificate. This high-tech fabric optimises the shock absorption of HJC full-face helmets and convinces with its particularly low weight. HELM HJC RPHA 70 COPTIC MC1 schwarz-anthrazit-rot “Premium Integrated Matrix”- Außenschale / P.I.M. Specifies the weight of the helmet. The black and gold visor on images is not included in the product. Open face helmets with integrated intercom, Integralhelme mit eingebauter Sprechanlage, Klapphelme mit Jet- und Integralhelm Zulassung. The HJC Pinlock Insert is suitable for use on RPHA 11 / RPHA 70 (HJ-26) Helmets. PLUS Materialverstärkungen aus Carbon und Carbon- Glas Hybrid Fasern sorgen für eine verbesserte Schlagdämpfung, mehr Komfort und weniger Gewicht des Helmes. HJC RPHA-70 is commonly compared with these helmets: HJC IS-17 | HJC RPHA-11 | HJC FG-17 | SHOEI RF-1200 (NXR). R$ 899. em. This model is tested in Sharp laboratories and received 3 stars. RPHA 70 ,- Nachfolger des erfolgreichen RPHA ST, hohe sichtbarkeit durch reflektierendes Material, SMARTH Kummunikation System Entwickelt von Cardo Systems ,- Optional erhältlich. The HJC RPHA 11 is a reliable and comfortable helmet, which also earned it several very good test ratings. More information: FAQ. The wind resistance was measured using the force plate which is part of the wind tunnel and the ventilation was measured by measuring the pressure drop on the face and crown areas of the mannequin. It is the black visor on the helmets that looks like sunglasses and they are provided with UV filters. On the other hand, the HJC RPHA 70 helmet has a breathable and antibacterial inlay, which not only cools and dries quickly, but can also be removed and washed. The comfort features of the HJC RPHA 70 include an enlarged visor, which gives the rider an extended field of vision. Important factor other than stars is impact zone diagrams which is colours. The helmet was fitted on a mannequin designed for acoustic measurement. We all ride on motorcycle with different wind protection level and we all have different speeds. , zzgl. Snell tests are truly vigorous and challenging. In combination with the easy to use sun visor the Motorcycle helmet therefore always ideal visibility conditions on the road. R$ 74, 92. sem juros. Iets wat voor mij persoonlijk wel een pré is. Depending on the model, the sporty HJC RPHA 70 is available in sizes XXS to XXL. You can see plenty of complaints about the helmets that were purchased a size bigger without considering the possibility of getting loose. De RPHA 70 is een sporthelm, maar met genoeg comfort én een zonnevizier. You should not be surprised with different reviews. It completely prevents the fog on your visor that is caused by moisture, your breath or the cold weather. menu Magazin. Frontal bone, coronal suture, parietal bone, lambdoidal suture regions have passed this test with green while squamous suture and temporal bone regions passed the test with orange and red colour. The mannequin was equipped with a specially designed microphone placed inside one of the mannequin's pinnas (ears). Your vision is never restricted. The high-quality HJC motorcycle helmet also has the RapidFire™ visor changing system, which allows the visor to be fitted and removed easily and without tools. The Korean helmet manufacturer and sponsor of internationally successful motor sports enthusiasts HJC is expanding its product range with another new type of full-face helmet: the HJC RPHA 70. By connecting your intercom device with your phone, you can make a phone call, listen to music or connect with other intercom devices while driving. The HJC full-face helmet RPHA 70 also has a Pinlock® prepared, scratch-resistant visor with integrated sun visor. Important factor other than stars is impact zone diagramswhich is colours. Snell standards are renewed in every 5 years. Some models of the brands like Arai, Bell, Shoei, Hjc have passed this test. Der RPHA 70 ist eine zwischen Touring und Sportfahren angesiedelte Version der RPHA-Serie. HJC RPHA-70 has emergency kit, breath deflector, glasses groove, internal sun visor, speaker pockets, chin wind curtain, removable and washable cheek pads. MwSt. Frete grátis. 12x . It is the system for quickly removing the pad in case of emergency. RPHA70 CARBON REPLE MC6HSF full face helmet, HJC RPHA70 CARBON REPLE MC6HSF full face helmet, HJC RPHA70 WOLVERINE X-MEN full face helmet, Suitable for head circumferences between 52 cm and 63 cm, Inlay: breathable, cooling, antibacterial ,removable, washable, fast drying, Pinlock® prepared visor with integrated sun visor. Intercom dock is where the earphones of this device are placed. So bietet auch der HJC RPHA 70 ein Schalenmaterial mit Carbon-Anteil sowie ein Windkanalsystem. Buyer protection, Data protection, SSL-Encryption. HELM HJC RPHA 70 COPTIC MC1 schwarz-anthrazit-rot Gr. De RPHA 70 is pas in april van dit jaar uitgekomen en HJC heeft er zijn kundigheid goed op los gelaten. R$ 38, 22. Cheek pads of all helmets are flexible. HJC RPHA 70: Style, safety and comfort- does the RPHA 70 have it all? R$ 180, 48. The premium helmets of the RPHA 70 series from HJC therefore have a dual adjustable ventilation system, which was developed and tested in the HJC wind tunnel and can be easily adjusted even when wearing gloves. It specifies the type of the helmet, such as full face helmets and modular helmets… However, full face helmets are the safest type of helmet in the world. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This means you can use glasses with this helmet. Like the predecessors of the RPHA 70, the latest model from the manufacturer HJC is characterised by stylish designs, outstanding materials and impeccable quality. If we generalise user reviews for HJC RPHA-70, we can rate wide field of view of this helmet as 11.2 over 15. If you continue to use our services, we assume that you accept cookies. Especially the lightness and the good ventilation of the helmet were highlighted in the tests. Capacete Hjc Rpha 70 Muito Novo! Another benefit of it is that if you lift the visor while moving, the wind won’t make breathing more difficult. Despite being one of the most expensive offerings from HJC, the RPHA 70 ST starts at just $399.99 MSRP (~$359.00 street price) and offers excellent quality and value in the price range. Thanks to the new HJC P.I.M-Plus shell construction, the HJC RPHA 70 helmet has a six-layer composite of reinforcing carbon and carbon-glass hybrid fibres. We can say vertical field of view of HJC RPHA-70 is at good level. Built-in sun visor can be opened and closed with latch on the left-hand side of the helmet. Weighing in at 1485g, the RPHA 70 is slightly heavier than lightweight Shoei NXR, which comes in at a 1310g. This high-tech fabric optimises the shock absorption of HJC full-face helmets and convinces with its particularly low weight. Nonetheless, they are an independent institution that rates helmets by testing them all in the same way. And if you buy from any store, we get a small sum from the sale at no extra cost to you - a massive THANKS! When you take position especially on sport motorcycle, you need as much as vertical field of view to see in front of you clearly. Especially in motorsport magazines like "Motorrad" or "PS" the HJC RPHA 11 was closely examined and counts itself to the helmet upper class. 12x . HJC RPHA 70 specificaties. It is present in professional helmets and it is the safest fastening system. You don’t need to wear an additional earphone or another device. It means that the cheek pads of the helmet are removable. Sharp is a company that was founded in 2007, which is controlled by the British Government and puts helmets through durability tests. The number of helmets that could pass this test is limited. Weitere HJC Integral Helme sind sofort lieferbar. The EPS inner shell of the robust motorcycle helmet absorbs the impact energy and thus reliably protects against head injuries, while a double-D ring closure ensures a compact fit and maximum safety. A further addition to the comfort features are the easy-to-handle emergency cheek pads. All ventilation channels can be opened and closed. HJC hat für 2020 ein neues Helmmodell, zwei neue Bluetooth-Kommunikationssysteme und Karbon-Varianten der Modelle RPHA11, RPHA 70 und RPHA 90 vorgestellt. If you are planning on using your helmet while driving with a speed of 240km/s or more, we definitely recommend you to get a helmet with visor lock. 1x in Grösse XXS versandkostenfrei auf Lager! Viseira Hjc Rpha11 Rpha70 Dourado Hj26 Original Hjc. Usado. This feature allows adjusting the pads according to your head without needing any other material, thanks to its air pumps that are located inside the helmet as a button. Helmets that can pass Snell test are rare. see also: snell certified helmets. Die Reihe hat HJC mit einem hohen Anspruch an Leichtgewichtigkeit und Belüftung entwickelt. 12x . HJC has certainly succeeded in offering a helmet that punches above its weight. Otherwise, the force applied by the wind may open the visor of the helmet. If we generalise user reviews for HJC RPHA-70, we can rate isolation of this helmet as 7.8 over 15. You can think of it as wearing sunglasses. By holding the hook below the pad, you can rapidly remove the pad. HJC RPHA-70 can keep up with developing technology in security with double-d ring chin strap system and visor lock system. HJC RPHA 70: Modern shell construction for maximum safety. This model does n… For air circulation, there are three ventilation channels on chin side, single ventilation channel on the top, and four ventilation outlet channels on the back. Frete grátis. HJC RPHA-70 has ECE REG 22.05 safety certificate. In addition to the simple, plain-coloured Metal and Semi Flat models, the other HJC RPHA 70 helmets impress with graphic patterns and eye-catching design. Specifies the material type of the helmet. This model does not have Snell test certificate which includes harder tests. It is one of the features that affect both isolation and comfort, since the helmets usually get wind from below. De buitenschaal is gemaakt van een vezelmix en bevat onder andere carbon. Specifies the country that the product belongs. Image/Test Copyright Sharp | HJC RPHA-70@8.5m/s This model is tested in Sharp laboratories and received 3 stars. HJC RPHA-70 has pinlock. PLUS: Materialversta¨rkungen aus Carbon und Carbon-Glas Hybrid Fasern sorgen fu¨r eine verbesserte Schlagda¨mpfung, mehr Komfort und weniger Gewicht des Helmes. Deliveries to non-EU countries may be subject to additional customs duties, taxes and fees. We can say that HJC RPHA-70 is designed for Intermediate Oval head structure and fitness of this helmet is at medium level. Frete grátis. They have always raised question marks as some models of upper class brands were given low ratings. It is a fog preventing factor for the helmets that don’t have pinlock. The helmet's ability to reduce noise, to minimise the wind resistance and to encourage ventilation inside the helmet was assessed in a wind tunnel at a simulated riding speed of 100 km/h. In the review article below, in addition to physical review, user reviews from different countries are added to noise and visor sections to provide general information.  Blue coloured texts contain redirection links and new tab will be opened when you click on these links.

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