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Seven page layouts make up this free Divi pack. The hero section as contact details in it so that your website visitors can contact you start away. This topic is quite a rare one. Reviews are next and are very important to help convert visitors into customers. Introduce your practice in the next section. Use the Divi visual builder to see changes live on your website. It also has a intro text section for you to add your story in. Crisp professional images have been taken to get your site looking great. Discover a large selection of premium Divi Layouts created by the best Divi designers and developers from around the world. A homepage and landing page, about and contact page, a useful music and events page as well as a services page template.For the DJ business there are some useful images available to use for free. Very nice fade in animations as well which always make a page a little more interesting. Having said that, use these pages to promote your eBooks, online courses, possibly even online cooking demos, make-up classes and more. Couldn’t be a better deal. A free Divi layout pack designed for an online store. These are long form pages and in particular the landing page lends itself to a sales promotion and/or capture leads campaign. The Divi Theme blurb module use both image and icons. Three trendy looking image Divi blurbs are featured on the landing page. Compare prices. A blog and contact page make up the full bundle of free Divi Theme layouts. This free Divi layout pack has the standard seven free page layout templates. Of course you would need to check the images on the shop page. The page layout offers the following elements”. Its come with a strong header with two call to action buttons. A rental vehicle section with easy to update text and a call to action reserve now Divi button. BEST SELLING; Divi Layouts. This premade pack comes with a deals page for you to use to promote any specials you may have running. In particular it could be very useful for more news focused blogs. It’s easy to download or install. Just download a similar layout pack and use that contact page. Best for Conversion. A slider is available for you to engage your visitors with. But at the end of the day a few steps should be incorporated into every homepage. Whether the website serves a hairdresser, a nail salon or a makeup artist business this homepage layout will work well. Add to this two page layouts that can be used for products and information as well as a blog. Unique photos have been taken. The free page layout is for a homepage for an insurance broker business or any other financial services specialist. Simple install the pack on your website then using the Divi builder swap out the images for images. We know you will love this Divi Theme layout pack. It could not be easier to get your new website build without needing to know how to code! So easy to use after you have loaded it from the Divi Theme library. There are also some images that may be used without copyright issues and the icons are also useful. Also useful are the free to use illustrations and icons. Next to it on the right hand side is a call to action to show the latest season. This design uses flat vector imagery that is accented with bright and saturated colour. Pricing table are shown on the landing page, they have been designed with a soft elegant drop shadow. This layout may also be used for any other professional service such as management consultants, financial advisors, insurance brokers or business advisors. Thes fun blurbs have an image, icon, text and call to action buttons. There are more than 30 available to you. The homepage has a pleasant layout and easily encourages visitors to move on to check inner pages such as About, Services and Contact pages. Deliver websites faster with pre-built website packs. This Divi Theme layout pack is ideal for a small business in the service industry. Get your florist free Divi Theme layout pack up and running with a few clicks. This free Layout Pack includes 7 unique layouts. This layout would also lend itself to websites for personal coaches, motivational speakers, or life coaches. The dates for these events are in a circle creating an interesting effect. Divi layouts for portfolios is a bundle of Divi layouts created for creatives of all types that want to show examples of their work. There are pages for featuring all of your program offers, curriculum, pricing, application forms, and much more. A useful Landing Page rounds off the free layout pack. Great colours, excellent images and nice layout make this a page layout pack worth getting. An awesome bundle of products that make the design and build of websites so much quicker. Use this very professional design to give your business a brand new website. As usual there is a Landing page which is always useful as a sales and marketing tool. Layout designed for use as an app landing page. The homepage, about, contact, services and dog walker page are standard and a blog is a nice addition. For smaller businesses offering this service this free Divi layout pack would work well. Of course the same layout and navigation elements can be used for any sports club. Bold headers, and creative glow effects stand out form the normal dull web designs out there. One would imagine that a website for a Sightseeing business might be a rare event. It’s not easy to find a free podcast or music focused website. Our services make great use of the Divi Theme blurbs. Of course wedding planners are not the only event planners. A free soccer club Divi Layout Pack can be useful for professional and amateur football clubs as well as sports divisions at schools and colleges. Check the collection of 30 Best Divi Layouts to see which ones you might like to get. There is a space available for to you to show off your story video. Green is not a popular colour unless your product has something to do with the environment or the green movement. Check the relevant titles as well. The Digital Marketing layout pack is a niche specific choice for all the Digital Marketing out there. A well thought out homepage and a landing page for special promotions are the two main long form pages. All the important elements are shown on the page. Nice on topic image library will help web designers in the US compile a nice political website. Icons and images are copyright free. The layouts are in no particular order. This includes such items as ordering online, a services section that includes event catering, gift ideas and delivery options. Lovely stylish Divi Theme page layout for a Resort business in the hospitality industry. The demo content is neutral enough to be used for any Dentist and you can use it today to get your website up and running fast. It’s a premade template perfect for a the cryptocurrency industry. A dark section has five blurbs with a subtle image in the background with text on top. Get your web design friend who uses the Divi Theme to quickly and easily put together these page for you to get yourself a nice little presence online. The inner page templates consist of three self promotional layouts. The affiliate pays our commission. The about and contact pages are standard layouts as are used in most websites and a blog is handy to have to discuss and showcase projects and case studies. This particular pack has a great homepage. Funerals are always sad and this carefully designed free Divi Theme layout pack will comfort your users in there time of need. Images and animations have been created to mimic water and bubbles. This Divi Theme Page Layout Pack can also be used for a Painting company, a Decorating or Interior Design consultancy. BEST FREE DIVI PORTFOLIO LAYOUTS. Not forgetting a form with a Call to Action. It means no cost to the users downloading the product. Resume is a one-page layout designed specifically for resumes and personal projects. If you do have a Notary Public as a client you can keep the copyright free images as well which is always a bonus. Find and replace to change fonts and colours. This free Divi Theme layout pack come with a landing page, home page, about page with a story section, a blog page for all your news and of course a contact page. The Divi layout consists of: Like to share a dinner party, cook for a small group and share the recipes, try out new ones and showcase them to your community? Download it now for free. This person module design come complete with photo, name, title and social media links with icons. A green energy free layout pack is quite unusual. The images will obviously be placeholders. Prices are displayed with an off center stlye box. There are also three different page layout templates to handle a range of topics such as experiences, portfolio and project pages and a blog. Of course blurbs are also just as easy to use on any other page too. Layout with 2 customization options to make your Divi blurb designs stand out from the crowd. Elegant Themes design team created an awesome Nutritionist Layout Pack this time around. A useful and practical content structure makes this an easy to navigate website. Dividoc is a free layout pack designed for the Divi theme. A very extensive services section is supplied for you to fill in and add your relevant content in. Divi About Page TemplateDivi Services Page Template for the services landing pageDivi Services Detail Page TemplateDivi Contact Page TemplateDivi Blog Page TemplateRegrettably no Blog article pageDivi FAQ Page TemplateAnd a bonus Divi Landing Page that can be used for Online Marketing purposes. In addition there are several fun icons, illustrations and copyright free images. It does mean that the site might need the WooCommerce plugin. Whether painting, landscaping or plumbing, this pack is great for a small business website. This is a great form if the purpose is to get website visitors to request a return call. But if you are looking for a high-powered position this could be perfect. However, as with most ideas, this one can be reworked allowing for more uses. This does make this pack very distinctive and web designers will most likely not be able to use it for anything else except for a vet practice website. The layout has a: Predesigned and prebuilt homepage layout for a Health Spa Business for web designers using the Divi Theme. The colours used are a soft oranges and soft light browns. That is items such as products, services and a brief history of the farm to show credibility. This page layout has a: For web designers using Elegant Theme’s Divi Theme this free divi layout may be used for any health service website. For the inner Divi page layout templates there is an about and contact page. Build any kind of portfolio for any kind of work and easily customize it using the pre-styled Divi modules. Elegant Authors: A Free Divi Layout for Book Authors. Adapt the layout using different colours, fonts and images add text and it can be used for a range of food businesses. The web designer has laid out Divi blurbs and content in a well structured logical format. It has an about page, car listing page, service page and the all important contact page. There are useful layouts to encourage freelancers to showcase their work such as the Case Study layout. Plus various other modules that make this layout look professional. ... Divi is a wonderful theme – and these are all great blog layouts – but Divi’s blog layout options are just too limiting for authors or publishers. Text block and three images with animation feature, Divi Header Module with large image and text message. A form suitable for business enquiries requesting a phone number and other form of contact. This colourful page layout pack will appeal to video game players. Showcase your events features with pre-made Divi blurb modules. Free training video included with support. Especially as it’s free! This is particularly useful in highly competitive services where pricing is often the main issue. What the team at ET do is put effort into working out what information should be shown on a website taking into account the topic of their freebie. The black background makes the white text on it pop up at you. Overall a nice little site that will be quick to build and look lovely. This is great for sales enquiries. Full web design UI Kit bundle with 78 premade Divi modules, business tools and assistant plugin. This pack comes with the following page layout templates: Landing page, homepage, about, contact and services pages as well as a blog.

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