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Say “I’m okay, thanks” if you aren’t feeling well but want to be polite. Somehow, your Website just popped up before my eyes. but if answer fine but how continue conversation? So, next time I’ll answer with “I love you, too!”. Hi Abakar, What country are you from? Keep up the good work! If you are talking to a friend, you can offer more information if they ask (and if they are your friend, they probably will!) Are you more focused on understanding the American accent, or trying to speak like an American? Sometimes someone says this to me ‘hey whats up!’ what should i answer? Hi Christina! Most people agree it’s best not to take “How are you?” too literally. The server at the restaurant, the cashier at the store, your colleague you pass on your way to your desk. Hi Christina, today’s lesson was so nice. How are you doing today??. My biggest problem is even this day l still have difficulty on how to put my sentence on correct way. Everybody asks “How you doing today?” And if you’ve noticed, nobody really answers. I’m from Brazil and love speaking English. Hi Christina, how are you doing today? For example, many native English speakers will ask you “How have you been?” instead of “How are you?” So how do you answer that question? Basically the idea is to just give a quick, positive answer. You don’t have to start with any friendly preamble. Sometime it make me puzzy. (shaking hands). Hi christina! You might be shaking hands, too. I know it can be hard to not give a real response. alright to answer: “Stressed out, overworked and absolutely not on the top”, but you can brush it off with a “FINE, and you?”. Hello , this is a good lesson, what would be the answer for “ how do you do? How are you? And for pronunciation, we don’t pronounce the “d” at the end of “old” here, so it would sound like “same ol’, same ol'”! Let’s look at a sample: Cashier (as she checks you out): Hi, how are you today? “How are you?” is just a way of greeting someone in a polite way. No problem. No one speaks perfect English, not even native speakers. Hi Christina! can you provide me with your private email for contact to you, Hi Muhammad, 3 Ways to answer “How are you?” in Conversation. Get a free English lesson each week. Need your help! All the best! thank you very much for your help and what you are doing for the people on the word. Instead it’s treated more like a salutation. So, we cannot answer: “I’m not good or Bad…”? You might hear: Here’s the nice thing – when you are with friends and family, you can tell the truth! How do you usually respond to “How are you?” In fact, people who receive a lot of email will appreciate you getting straight to the point. The proper answer is either, “Fine, thank you,” or “How do you do?” or some form thereof. Do you have a moment? As a result of this, you could say you're an artistic person. I think it’s normal at the begining, right? How are you doing today? (And bonus points for citing The Cure . Hi Mhamed, Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and I’m happy that this video helped you! And please please give me some procedure to learn English so quickly. “ Jayeshkumar, Thanks Christina I’m so happy for the lesson of today. Vote for the best comeback to how are you. I’ll receive your email then Thanks for the lessons. How are you? Bye. Josie Metzger, Hi Msr Cristina thank for opurtunity too me in your classvideo l think it is excellent point of openin a lot bring at the world thanks l will present it like. During that time, I faced difficulties like listening and I communicated with someone I had short of words. I can read in your thoughts… “Because Americans are soooo superficial!”. I am not a good English speaker but i can survive, and i am fine by the way, what about your self. How you doing? To answer the question "Who are you," start by thinking about the things you enjoyed as a kid and why you liked them. In this case I will answer like I am doing well. If you ever visit Denmark though, beware, cos “How are you?” can be am invitation for conversation. I mean a real true answer. I request you to if any mistake their then convince me and can you speak above in your way. Here’s how that conversation might go: Mr. Brown: Good morning, Mr. Mendoza. Saying you enjoy self-improvement and that you enjoy learning new things will make you seem like a great person for them to hire. If you can think of an even better comeback, then let us know! Better than I was a minute ago because you are here. Hi Christina Thank you so much for your response. What are the reasons that you need to improve your listening and speaking skills? Are you a flirt? You can find more information here: Much thanks for your good work.Being a Non Native English speaker i have always lacked confidence in speaking in English around people,particularly the Natives as i have always had this notion or rather mentality that am not good enough! With them, we can join into the American English. I want to improve my speaking and listening skills. © 2020 Speak English with Christina - English Coaching. And I’m sure that you’ll improve as you follow the videos! See you. One thing you still shouldn’t do is answer with a complete description of some medical problems you are having. Thank you. Congrats on having an intermediate level already! If you are, then you’ve come to the right place! Your energy is very positive, your expression is very funny. It’s all about being a good communicator, not a grammar perfectionist! I have just started to learning English with you. This answer is formal. But when we were in Nederland, I could not speak English fluently. Read below for more specific tips on how to answer interview questions about yourself. we decided that we will go next summer. If the cashier at the store asks “How you doing?” as you pay for your things, you should respond “Good, how about you?” or “Doing fine, and you?” or “Good, how about yourself?”. Someone says “Hey, how are you?” and then you start talking about your life. Well,there is this Course exam that i wish to undertake( IELTS and TOEFL) that really just the thought of it gives me goosebumps! What’s a good answer to the question, ”How are you doing? "Hey look over there!" If you are talking to people who care about you, you can tell them that you’ve had a bad day, or that you feel tired. Hello Christina how are you today. This important for me to express the reasons that I need to improve my English. Thank you for your constant help and assistance. Hello Christina, I’m Olga ,from Ukraine. Thanks, Thanks for the clarification. The correct response is “Fine, and you?” That’s it. I’m Silas from Indonesia… would you like to help me improve my english speaking? To be truly fluent in English, you need to master these “little conversations” and everyday expressions. Fine, thanks. SEE YOU SOON! How about you? Did you sleep well last night? That answer we just looked at is a nice catch-all answer if you’re still not sure what you are passionate about, or what to say. All of those are good, appropriate answers. Say one or two positive words, thank them for asking, and ask them the same question. And if you’ve noticed, nobody really answers. P.S. Also see below for a list of the most common interview questions you'll be asked, and sample answers. Thank you for making your kind video. Or … Christina Or both at the same time? I hope to follow all your videos. Hi Sidirlei, I’m good thanks! Fine, how about you? If like you we have the teacher before now then we could become a good native fluent English speaker. I JUST START NOW, PLEASE, I AM SORRY MY MISTAKES. I want to know is that correct use of speaking or not? The correct response is “Fine, and you?” That’s it. I am very good after watching your video lesson .how are you doing? 2. 1. I like watching your videos. I am in English intermediate level. But I am going to start with why not I need to improve my pronunciation also. How are you?, I dont know english so i am eager to leran the english. However, you also want to keep the company and the specific job in mind when you answer. If you are in a business situation, you might be saying hello to your boss or colleague, or... 3. Sign up below: This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Hi Olga, I’m good, what about yourself? In English conversation, when someone is greeting me like Hi, how are you? And thank you for the compliment. Are you saying that in your country “How are you doing?” means “What happened in your life today?” How interesting! Fine and you. Yeah, all right. how are you? And a correction would be “…if I have made any mistakes.” I say something like Oh friday Im in love or Im still looking for my grandpha from Katar becouse I don’t want to work anymore, Hah, I love it! I watched you videos in Youtube very every day. I want to know how to respond if somebody ask you how was your night? If you are in a business situation, you might be saying hello to your boss or colleague, or meeting someone for the first time. see you soon. I have many reasons: Mail: 2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-2484, Austin, TX 78741, Pre-Register for the Complete Go Natural English Course, How to Answer the Question “How Are You?”, Think in English with Easy Everyday Activities. I think this is my lucky day because few days ago l told my husband that l would like to take some classes to improve my English. It’s wonderful. To answer when someone asks how you are, say “Fine, thanks” or “I’m good, thanks” if you’re responding casually. And don’t worry, you don’t have to apologize for your mistakes. I had a headache when I went to bed, and I still have it this morning. Your friends will probably ask you the very same question, but It might sound a little different! You know the song “It’s a Wonderful World”, by Louis Armstrong. Marta: Oh, I’m sorry. “How are you?” is Simply Another Way to Say Hello — Here’s How to Answer I learned this the hard way when I stayed in the US a long, long time ago. Everybody asks “How you doing today?”. How to answer “How are you?”. Keep up your motivation! Because the other person doesn’t really want to know and it forces you to lie about it. But nope. There’s really only one correct answer to “How are you?” Do you know what it is? ” to this question, we ´re quite friendly no matter all the difficulties we have… and we have a lot lately!!! I try to improve my English. It’s true i’m making mistakes but i’m proud of myself to be able to tell all that. It’s especially the case in service transactions, like with a server at a restaurant, the cashier at a shop, a receptionist, etc. How are you…. “Hi, Boss, how are you?” Furthermore I’m not accustomed to mailing that enough. I try to learn your lessons which is very helpful for my fluency. I like this app for learning English, and definitely recommend it daily mail rewards login. 3. I’m well. And yes, I can definitely help you improve your listening and communication skills (I can’t do it for you, but I can guide YOU to do it!) Thank you for your content. Pretty good. Good job! I’m good. There are lots of other Speak English with Christina episodes to help you learn irregular verbs, phrasal verbs, and past simple vs. present perfect simple. If I can….. You usually won’t share how you really feel. Hi Christina, See you next time. This list contains 150 responses to the “How are you?” or “What’s up?” questions people get asked all the time. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hey, whats up? Not bad. Sure, you can go to this contact page and fill out the form there. I'm better on the inside than I look on the outside! Hello, Christina. Thanks for the tips. His answer was both optimistic and unique, but not so unusual as to be socially awkward. Getting confidence to speak when I explained some topic. Because I love learning English. And extra points if you also ask, “How are you?” in response! thanks for these lessons they’re so good, so nice etc…. I’m new ambesdor learning English. “Great!” “I’m doing really well, thank you,” or “Fantastic!” are all good ways to answer. Now, when someone asks “How are you?” (or “How’s it going?” or “Wassup?”), the classic response is “I’m fine, thanks.”. Hello Christina. Thanks a lot. That’s a great way to be creative and have fun with the language! Create your own answer. They’re just below! I saw your video to learn english. Most of the time, we use this question as a polite way to say hello, and you don’t need to say anything about how you are really feeling. That’s just what’s “normal” for this type of conversation. Feel free to read our policies if you want more information. I LIKE YOUR LESSONS, I AM TRYING LEARN ENGLISH MYSELF. You need to answer briefly, but in a positive way. A real response, especially with lots of bad things, that’s uncomfortable. hOW ABOUT JUST SAYING HELLO AND ADDING WHAT EVER YOU WANT. How are you? Hello Ma’am! That was, like, our first ever English lesson, right? I wish you success. Hello Christina! By clicking "I Agree", you accept our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Use. I have been in U.S.A just a year. Thanks for your kind words, and I’m glad you are enjoying them! Is the same way in Algeria. If you say this to an acquaintance or stranger, you probably aren’t really interested in their true answer. I’m fine. If you are feeling ill or a little … I’m sure one of the very first things you learned to say in English was, “How are you?” People will probably ask you this question A LOT! comments l begin to realize l am not the only one on this planet that having difficulty on speaking English on proper level.

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